Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lolo's traveling sketchbook received by Suki

Just wanted to let y'all know I received Lolo's book from Joss. Oh gosh, it is soooo beautiful!! I will soon begin my page. This must be one of the last ones for this traveling journal project, no?


  1. it has surfaced!!!!!!!! yay!!
    I don't think I've seen all the entries. It's puzzling to me. I'm so glad you have it. I know Caroline was concerned as she hasn't seen it either.
    Looking forward to what you do :)

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  3. Suki, didn't you get Lolo's book from me?
    I am pretty sure I sent it to you.
    Then it goes to Kate, then to Caroline, then to Lisa and finally to Lolo. (when I got it it already had art by Joss, Marianne, Mim, and of course Lolo in it.)We are nine! I think this is right.

  4. it is fabulous, you are gonna love it.

  5. lynn yes from you. I made a mistake. Corrected in the above post.