Friday, March 5, 2010

Lynn's Book Comes Full Circle

My book came to me in the mail after leaving my house in September of 2009. A mere six months time for nine of us to add our art and create an awesome travelling art book.

Today, March 5th, I have posted each page in detail on my blog here.
Please go there to see it LARGE! (I do not have the energy to post it in the same way again here, thanks for understanding)

Again, thanks to Soul for heading this book project. And to each of you who participated to give me the thrill of owning your art in my wonderful book. I love each and every page, front and back, and appreciate more than you can ever know the time, effort, caring, thoughtfulness, and artistic endeavor that you put into making my book the wondrous thing that it is.

Hugs from me!


  1. what pure and utter pleasure, so glad you played lynn.

  2. Wow, I'm heading over to your blog to view each page!

    I think my book is lost :(

  3. Lolo, your book is not lost. I am working on it now!

  4. This is a terrific book - I've already looked at it over on your blog - wish I could see it all in person!