Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lynn's Page For Lolo's Book: Journeys

I really enjoyed making my page for Lolo's book as it took me back in time when my journeys began. The year 1964: The photo of me in the upper left hand corner is from my immigration to Israel papers. I am pregnant in this photo with my first child, who was indeed born in Israel.

The ship: The Olympia was taken by my first husband (Israeli) and me in 1963 to Europe on the first leg of an Odyssey to visit my parents in California. On the way we stopped in many European countries and here you see signs of Paris ( Eiffel Tower, Paris) and London (Tower Bridge in London far left lower corner).

Skip ahead to 1979. See passport photo in upper right hand corner. I am now divorced from my first husband, and am traveling to Israel again to visit my children, who were living with their father and step mother there. (Daughter was there from age 9-10, I arrived in time for her tenth birthday party; and my son, age 13-16).
My daughter stayed one year; my son went back and forth for three years.

Jump ahead to 1982. See my visa to China on middle left side and photo taken in China next to it.
I went there with a small group of health professionals for three weeks.
I backed the piece with a map of the world, and trimmed it with gold glue.

I believe the airplane was the one I took to China.

I've taken several more trips but this is all that would fit comfortably on a 6" X 12" page!

Thanks Lolo for the opportunity to revisit this time in my life.
I took photos of my photos so I could collage this again for myself.


  1. Wow this is really great. Fun too. Lolo will love it. You got to see the Eiffletower too. How cool is that. :)

  2. Very cool Cris! I saw the Eiffel tower twice, once in 1963 and again in 1979. The second time it was snowing and there was a sign on the tower saying "Frozen" we could not go up it that time.

  3. Fabulous memory Lane, Lynn! So glad to know where the book is!

  4. this is fantastic, i love the way you share yourself with us so openly.

  5. Thanks, and Soul, yes, I am an open book! ;-)

  6. yay, my book isn't lost afterall!
    This is amazing Lynn. I love it! Now I'll be able to travel with you every time I look at it ;)
    What an interesting life you had then and now. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Wow what a wordly feel this has. Such a story is told here!

    You should make something like this for yourself as well Lynn. You could make your own life story quilt!

    Lo you see they popped up!
    Such a wonderful addition by Lynn!
    But I wonder where Mim's pages are? have I missed something? Think she came after me......

  8. wowee - you are really something! great collage Lynn.
    My pages? who knows!!!