Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cover and Page 1

My muse abandoned me! I had an idea for the journal but no matter what I did, it just wouldn't work out!!! I tried and tried, but all I came up with was tired looking collage - so I gave up. But I still wanted the "women" theme - so the Miss Em muse did come to the rescue.

Here is the cover of my journal, I will keep it here and not send it out because it's big. 9 x 12 big (wow - sorry I got carried away).

I'll be punching holes in the side and clipping everything together with those loose ring binders when the time is right. Don't worry about punching holes in yours, I'll do that. Leave at least 2 inches on the left side to allow me to put it into the book. So in reality, the art space is 10 inches long by 9 inches high.

Here is page 1. The theme is Woman or Women of the World or anything along those lines. Be creative and don't really worry about the theme since whatever you do will reflect a Woman of the World.
This goes out today, to Lynn I believe.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Page For Lynn's Book

This is the second page I have created in the artysoulsisters traveling sketchbook exchange.
This page is for Lynn's book. I used stiffened felt for the background and stitched fabric and handmade fabric paper cut into random geometric shapes to that. Then I attached buttons, beads and trinkets. The little strand of beads I made in a jewelry making class I took many years ago.
This page will be added to the others in Lynn's book and will be sent out to Caroline's Studio in Maylasia early next week.

I started I really did

I started my page last night - was having artistic blockage. Finally grabbed a few items and - boom - it's coming together and is completely different than what I had envisioned. Oh well, the muse works in mysterious ways. will unveil as soon as she is presentable...and is a SHE. Theme is now "sisters" or "women" or something along that line.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lisa's Book beginnings

I finally got time for making my book.  This is the front outside.

On the inside cover on some textured paper I printed everyones name, with their blog names and a name of an artist they mentioned on their postings.

On the first page I did a haiku with some sandhill cranes.

On the back of the page I did what I call a big brush painting with a little sparkle.

This is how it looks opened to the first page.

The way I put it together is with those little brass plated fasteners that open in the back like a butterfly. All you have to do is make a tiny hole in the 1" at the side and stick them through your page to include it. I hope this isn't a problem for anyone.   If the little jewels come off in shipping don't worry about it. I have more.  I will be removing the fasteners when it comes back to me and binding the book anyway. I thought about removing the feathers on the front so shipping might be easier.  Then again you might want to see it.  I will send it as is. If it pops off during shipping just stick it into the mailer and send it on. I will deal with it when it gets back to me.   All right.  I am ready for the next one.  Send er on... Cheers.

P.S.  If you have forgotten what size... the page should be 9"wide x 7" tall.  This will give you an 8"x7" space for your art with a 1" left tab to bind with.  Have fun ladies.

Monday, September 21, 2009

suki's page for lynn's book

I made my page from canvas, to match the soft feel of Lynn's cloth pages. I used wire to attach these little paper gatherings( I cant sew), gold pen to outline and small brads for decoration. I had quite a time getting the size right. I cut it down twice and then cut it too small. Except now it is actually too big. You need two tabs, one on either side of your page actually. It also took me forever to figure out how to attach my page to Lynn's so that the front faces out. I am not very mechanical.

I glued this piece of painted canvas onto the back of my page. I am soon mailing it off to Katie Jane.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lolo's Cover so far...

Well I finally came up with a square format. I love squares! But I couldn't figure out if I wanted a theme or not. I was going to go with "Wings and Wishes" because there are so many ways to go with that. Birds, butterflies, bees and all things you dream or wish for. But then I said, nah, no theme! I did title it though, "9 Visions." I did the cover on my computer in my greeting card program. The eye has the world in it (although I stretched it to an odd shape!) and the eyelashes are nine paintbrushes representing us. I'll be embellishing it when it finishes drying.

I'd really love it if you could do a two page spread. The pages are only 6x6" worries! I'll do the first page and the last page because they're single as well as doing the first 2 page spread. And I'm just going to punch holes in the corners, so when you do your pages please punch the holes to align with mine. And remember that the holes will be on the inside when you open the book, not on the outside of the page. I'll probably tie it together with a ribbon or 2 binder rings.

So draw, paint, doodle, collage, sew whatever you want. The possibilities are endless in these journals! I hope to do my pages soon and send it off to Soul!


Sjimmie's World

~Sjimmie's World~

Sjimmie's world is small and comfortable.
I am sending him around the world to visit my blogfriends to expand his view.
New adventures are awaiting him.
I would love it if you could show Sjimmie something typical of the country/area you live in.
Everything is ok as long as Sjimmie (a black cat) is in it.

The pages are square: 6 x 6" with 1" to attach your pages.

It was hard to get started.
Just like when I was a kid; I love to be creative, but when you put me in front of a blanc page with no theme it takes time before I get creative......
That's what I like about mandalas there is already a beginning and an end, all I have to do is go!
For me it was easier to work on Soul's book: the beginning was there. All I had to do was continue.
So I forced a beginning: I cut out a size, I love round and square things, so square it was.
And then I just started, the rest came as a mandala, step by step!

2nd page for Soul!

Amazing what you find when you google!
I typed in the word fly and see this is what I found.
I am not good in collaging things so I just made a watercolor about fly and flying.
Let it fly......... was Soul's message.
I started with her page instead of my own.
I didn't got any idea of what to make or do.
So I just started.....................
I will try to finish it today so I can send both Soul's and my pages to Mim!
And I will be ready to receive the next.

Here are Soul's pages together.
Hope you will like it!

Have a nice Sunday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here is my contribution to the "artysoulsisters" traveling sketchbooks.
This is the inside cover and first page of my book whose theme is "all things beautiful in nature". I did a mixed media collage with handmade paper, pressed flowers from my garden, rubber stamps and torn, dyed paper. I'm doing a loose-leaf style book this time with pages that are 5" x 7".

This is the page I made for Suki's book. Suki has no theme so I did another mixed media collage page to remind her of Cape Cod. I hope to have this book out to Caroline's Studio sometime this weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lynn's First Page of her Traveling Book

A sunny garden path filled with Terry Busse "Woolie Bits" and hand dyed dryer sheets was fun to make...lots of machine embellishing/ sewing...glitter gluing... Oh there are candy wrappers in there too... And then there is the back..
more close ups....

I had great fun making this and spent a lot of time on it. Amazing how lost I can get in my sewing process...loved every minute of it. The book will get mailed to Suki when she returns from the Cape.
As it turned out my pages are 10 1/2" X 7 1/2"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My first page is done (Joss)

'Moon over the sea'.

I first painted different kinds of paper, e.g. newspaper, and kitchen towel. Then I assembled it and saw this scene emerge. the last thing was a big round silver moon.

Please keep it this way, and attach the next page (Marianne) to the bottom (sea half).

Mine is 6"x15"..if that is too long for yours, then make it 6"x12" (Any theme)

'This little book of mine,

I'm gonna let it fly

Let it fly

let it fly

Let it fly."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lynn's Book Cover is Done!

I first drew the picture of all of us in my sketchbook. Then I copied the drawing onto a white silk inkjetprinting sheet. I felted one soul sisters clothing (me) first in line bottom in blues; and then colored the rest using fabric pens, other colored pens and markers.
I was going to felt them all but it contorted the fabric too much so changed
my mind. The second photo is the back of my cover; off white muslin, batting between front
and back for quilting;
the machine felted fabrics show through in blue;
the bobbin thread is metallic red.
The circle shows our countries and states represented;

close up

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them

the letters across the shirts spell out Soul Sisters
the letters across the skirts spells ARTY
I have begun my first page and when it's done I will be mailing both
cover and page off to Suki!
My book is 12" X 7 1/2" including
one side for gluing to the next page.
I liked going a little larger and hope this works for the rest of you.
Suki and each subsequent artist will make one 12" X 7" page with half an inch left over
for gluing and the pages will fold back one on the other in an accordian style
but no one page will be folded itself. Each will lay flat.
My book has no theme so each artist can do their own thing!
The pages will be eclectic.
When the book returns to me I will tie it all together with yarn of some sort.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Suki's book page one

Hi All. I have completed the first 2 pages of my book and mailed it on to Kate. I have no title and no theme. I would be thrilled for you all just to create your own pages however you want.
The paper is Stonehenge art paper size 5" wide and 13" long with one inch folded over for the next person to add a page.

I used rice paper, glitter glue, self-painted tissue paper, magazine cutouts, tulle, wire and brads. Also magic markers.

Good Morning Arty Soul Sisters

Just a note to tell you I woke up dreaming of my cover or first page this morning and hope I can pull it off. (the above picture is not it, just a bit of whimsy to add to this post!) ;-)

I do not want to have a theme for my book. I love every ones unique art and want you to be able to express yourself in any form you wish, about anything that delights YOUR soul in my book.

I look forward to receiving your work at my doorstep and adding my own flair to your books.
I am more than happy to wrap my mind and art objects around your theme.

This is a fun journey I know, as I already participate in another traveling book group! I am happy to keep the art flowing and traveling around the globe!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello to all my arty soulsisters and everyone else who reads this blog.
Ten of us are about to embark on a crazy and wonderful adventure, each making our own book, and then sendng it around the world for nine of our arty sisters to add a page to it. Finally in many months to come, our little book will arrive back on our doorsteps, well travelled and well used and well filled with this wonderful art; collage, paint, inks, fabric, wool, paper, stickers,stamps, cards, and lots of love.
When I told my art teacher about this idea a few months ago, she was flabbergasted at the 'honesty' and 'willingness' that everyone displays when doing a huge project like this.
I explained that none of us see it this way. We are all in a 'zone' of friendliness and even love, where we just want to spread our joy around. She isn't a blogger (yet), so she doesn't know the vibes that whizz back and forth between us.
Let's go make some art-sisters!