Sunday, January 24, 2010

Katie Jane's Book Is Compete With Lynn's Page

I stamped bark and leaf pictures to card stock and then sewed patchwork quilted leaves on top to add to Katie's nature theme for her book, which is now complete and will be mailed to her tomorrow.
It was Kathy who first introduced me to traveling sketchbooks, this SoulSisters Book following on the pages of her Girlfriends traveling sketchbook & blog, both which led me to start the next traveling art book at Artshine! Thank you Kathy, what a joy this all has been and continues to be.


I was so excited when my book arrived yesterday, wrapped up beautifully by Lolo with a golden ribbon, just like a present, which it is: a present from 9 very talented, gifted and loving artysoulsisters.
I have scanned it very big, so hopefully you can enlarge it and see each page.
Marianne, Mim, Lynn, Suki, Kate, Caroline, Lisa and Lolo, you are all such good 'team' players, such warm and caring women, such great artists, who have each created something so very personal for me, and it all fits together in this amazingly perfect little book, which I will treasure forever.
I am so glad that I started this project, (thanks Lisa, you were the first person to show a huge response and excitement when I first suggested it, and this spurred me on to make it happen).
Here it is on my window sill, where I can see it every day and think about a special cover I want to make for it. I do so wish we could display our books in some sort of arty magazine, as they are all wonderful achievements, and now Lynn has started a second round with more wonderful artists from round the World.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart one and all, you make my heart sing and my cup runneth over.

Marianne's back pages by Lolo

What I love about this patterned paper is often times it can be as it is. For instance, this little bluebird is sitting in the middle of a mandala shaped design. All I did was write this in the middle..."This little birdie brings a message of love from lolo in Rhode Island to Marianne in the Netherlands."

The larger piece of paper (because it overlaps the first) is filled with these wonderful organic shapes like flowering branches. I wanted to put a raven in there but I think a Red-Winged Blackbird is quite a better choice this time. Besides, he's such a hopeful sign of Spring!
I colored in some shapes here and there to give this side more color.
There you have it. Now tomorrow it will go to Joss!

suki makes a page for Caroline

I was a little stymied at first by the theme of "color" and "shapes" but eventually made this collage using self-painted tissue paper, purchased handmade paper, acrylic paint, stensils, faux jewel.
The back has another bit of self-painted tissue paper and a list of the materials. I will now send it to Katie Jane and then she sends to Caroline I think!! I have received books from all except Lolo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Marianne's front pages ala Lolo

Well I can tell you we've all been waiting for Sjimmie to show up from The Netherlands!

Bliss has been waiting by the big studio window for weeks now.

Wait!! What's that shadow behind the stained glass window? Poor kitty is cold and wet from the snow. Oh my goodness, it's Sjimmie!! He's finally here! Let's let him in and make him warm and cozy. Bliss, will you share your food? Emma, will you be nice??

After a nice meal and a little grooming, Sjimmie, Bliss and even Emma became fast friends.

I gave Sjimmie a tour of the studio and he cuddled up next to Bliss, taking in all there was to see.

He kept being distracted by my beautiful birth mandala that his mom Marianne painted for me. We all knew he missed her. The three new friends spent a wonderful few days together before we sent Sjimmie on his way to London where Jossie would see to it he gets home safe and sound.

We're going to send him first class with a special blanket in case he gets caught in more snow!

Bye-bye Sjimmie! We loved having you here! Next time bring your mom!

The back pages will be worked on today as well. I'll post them asap ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back page for SoulyB by Lolo

Did you really think I'd forget to do the back? No...but I did forget to post it!

The paper I used is so gorgeous by itself that all I had to do is add one more photo of the birthday girl herself! I put a beanie on her head over her striped hat and I added a "1" design to her shirt to show what a big girl she is today!

Now completing its circle, this journal will be flying from Rhode Island to London on Tuesday

to be back in the hands of its rightful owner ;)
P.S. Its not blurry in person!

Soulbrush's Pages by Lolo

Well first let me say how seridipitous this day is because I knew I wanted to do my pages about Maggie Rae, but I had no idea today was her first birthday! I changed my initial ideas and made it into a birthday celebration with Grandie and her friend, Riff Raffie the giraffe!

What fun the three of them are having, and look at that bejeweled tiara on Maggie Rae, Princess of the day! Happy Birthday sweet little girl!

The book is all done now and on its way back to Jossie!! I'm honored to be a part of this journey ;) xoxoxoxo

Lynn's Page for Caroline's Book

I had fun this Sunday morning playing with beeswax!

Something new for me.

I used a photo of our local owl on card stock background
fabrics from my stash in earthy colors
and handmade beads
and then I poured the melted beeswax over it all.
Did I ruin it or create something of interest. I have no idea!
This is the back of the page.This book has two more stops and then it will be in Caroline's hands.

I hope you like wax!

suki's page for katie jane's artsy book

Watercolor, glitter, glue. I painted the trees and houses on little pieces of watercolor paper cutouts and glued them onto the larger paper.

on the back part of a poem called "Cold Watercolor" by Wyatt Prunty. Now I mail on to Lynn and Lynn will mail to Katie Jane!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lolo's Backside (oh la la)

This is the back of Lolo's page.

Egyptian treasures. A papyrus mandala calender I found in a giftshop.
(couldn't help to see a mandala in it...;))

The zodiac is a planisphere or map of the stars on a plane projection, showing the 12 constellations of the zodiacal band forming 36 decans of ten days each, and the planets. These decans are groups of first-magnitude stars. These were used in the ancient Egyptian calendar, which was based on lunar cycles of around 30 days and on the heliacal rising of the star Sothis (Sirius).
Its representation of the zodiac in circular form is unique in ancient Egyptian art.[citation needed] More typical are the rectangular zodiacs which decorate the same temple's pronaos.
The celestial arch is represented by a disc held up by four pillars of the sky in the form of women, between which are inserted falcon-headed spirits. On the first ring, 36 spirits symbolize the 360 days of the Egyptian year.
On an inner circle, one finds constellations, showing the signs of the zodiac. Some of these are represented in the same forms as their familiar names (e.g. the Ram, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, albeit most in odd orientations in comparison to the conventions of ancient Greece and later Arabic-Western developments), whilst others are shown in a more Egyptian form: Aquarius is represented as the flood god Hapy, holding two vases which gush water[citation needed].

The calendar is in an envelop , so you can decide what to do with it.

I mailed the 3 books (also Mim's own and Lynn's) to Mim today.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lolo's Page

This is the page for Lolo's travel book.

I started where Soul left off with her beautiful Egyptian page.

I made the page in Cairo, where I started with the pyramides, one of the 7 world wonders.
Of course there are so many other wonders of the world to be seen as well.
I have been fortunate to have seen a few of them:
The pyramides which I did by camel a few years ago (I love riding a camel, a bit touristic I must admit....)
Petra , really one of the most impressive things I have seen in my life! (I have been there twice and I am determined to show it to my children one day)
The Great Wall of China, wow!
I cycled the Golden Gate Bridge, loved it!
Saw the Colosseum and the Christ Remeeder in Rio.
In this page there are a few things I have seen such as Mount Fiji, the Eifel Tower, the statue of Liberty and the big Buddha.
A thing I will never see: the lighthouse of Alexandria, where I have been but the lighthouse is not there anymore.........
A few things I wish to see in the future such as the Taj Mahal , Easter Island (couldn't help the joke there....) and a real Inutshuk.
And a dream to visit Lolo Emma and Bliss some day................(Sjimmie is with them right now that lucky b......)
Who knows, maybe this year, I have seen so many wonders why not this one?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mim's page for Carolines book

Carolines theme is "color" and wow...the stuff in here is amazing. I did my little piece and am sending this off to Lynn this week.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lisa's Page for Marianne

I had fun touring Vincennes with the thoughts of showing Sjimmie what there is to see here.  I hope you enjoy it too Marianne.

I am off to put Marianne's book into the mail to Lolo.  Cheers Everyone.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mim's Last Page!

This was not easy. I can't paint/draw human beings so I had to make a collage for Mim's strong women theme. And this is my first collage.
Click to enlarge and see if you recognize any of these 9 strong women (which I grouped in a the shape of a mandala)..............
The back I copied a vintage card of a real strong woman;
Charmion (1875 - 1949), vaudeville strongwoman and trapeze artist
And a poem I found on the internet (could find the source)
Click to enlarge!
I will send Mim's pages later this week together with Lynn's and Lolo's.
hope you have some more patience.........

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mandala Quilt for Lynn

I painted this mandala quilt for Lynn, Queen of Quilts!
It is for her book in the Artysoulsister's books.
On the back I just had to make a few quilted hearts.
When I think of Lynn I think of a big heart, because she has one!

I also wrote a poem by Judith L. Cox on the back, which I thought was so beautiful.

Quilt Of Colors

The quilt of colors of these fall days;
Bring ooh's and aah's and only praise;
For the master's brush wields the perfect blend;
All the hues of earth from end to end;
And all the wonders without number;
That we get to see before earth's slumber;
When the world will be caught in the hush Of winter's quiet sleep;
While mother nature does her work, and
All her secrets, she will keep;
Till spring breaks through in all it's glory;
To reveal once again the wondrous story;
Of the beauty and splendor each season brings;
To spark the song that your soul sings.

Judith L. Cox

All your pages are so beautiful Lynn, hope you will like my addition

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little addition to Lisa's page

This is the reverse of Lisa's page. Having posted the picture yesterday and put it together with the others in her book I felt the back of the page needed a little something to complete it - especially as it is the last in the book and everyone else has actually done two full sides! So, I got cracking today with this. It's a postcard on which I have decoupaged a watercolour painting of two cherries over collaged papers (you may recognise my current favourite - a swirly white paper which seems to be popping up in lots of my pieces recently!). Thus 'Tumbling Cherries' was born! Although the colours are true, the scan does seem to have made the image look a bit flat - it just isn't doing the textures justice - pity :( !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's next?

Allloooo 'sisters'. Quite a few of you are starting to ask 'what's next?'

I have given it lots of thought and don't feel I can participate in another book right now.
I do so love my atcs, and am involved in so many projects and swaps within my group, that I just don't have enough hours in the day. Now, if only I were retired.................................

I would love it if one of you would carry on; start another book, even an 'artysoulsisters' #2, and even use the same blog if you want to.

I will keep a keen eye on you all to see what you decide and where you go from here.

Love ya all madly for joining me on this project and for all the awesome, personal art that you have created. There's a little memento winging its way to each of you to say thanks and keep as a reminder of our project.

A page for Lisa by Caroline

So here is the last page of Lisa's book! Can't believe how fast we've been getting through this super project! I thought that Lisa would like a nature inspired picture and decided on a wild flower/plants theme. Browsing through my books for inspiration I came across one on paper cutting and whilst I haven't the patience for that craft I thought the ideas in it might translate with a bit of adaption to a lino cut, so created a 'simple' design and set to with my gouges. Some hours later this print emerged - it was quite a task - not so simple with lots of curves and zigzags and I am guilty of obliterating a cute snail with a careless slip of the gouge -aargh!! So disappointing as when printed up there was an obvious gap where he was meant to be. However, after fiddling about with various decoupaged bits and pieces, I finally opted for an origami butterfly to take his place! The design was printed with sepia coloured ink onto delicate, lacy/spiderweb-like paper which when applied over the Japanese papers allows the colours to show through . Hope you like the print Lisa!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lisa's page for Soul

The quotes for this page and the tree came together so fast. Then all came to a standstill for a few days. I participated in the Knox County Christmas Bird Count yesterday and we saw several pairs of Red-tailed Hawks together.  This is the time of year when they start bonding despite it being only 8 degrees to start the day, that is -13C to those that think in metric. Needless to say nature never fails to inspire me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Suki's completed Arty Soul sisters traveling book

Lynn mailed me my completed ASS traveling book. I'm using Lynn's page for the cover as she didn't attach her page to the others plus it is a tiny bit larger than the main book. I am closing the cover with ribbon.

Lynn's page unfolded. Isnt it sparkly and pretty. Note the footprints. I think some little elves came into Lynn's studio and walked on the book one night.

The book is just gorgeous, each page an artistic delight. Thank you all for making my book something special. I will treasure it always.