Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lolo's second page for Lisa's journal

I love it when things just evolve without a plan!

Here's the flip side of my page for Lisa's journal. This pattern reminds me of vintage wallpaper. I started going through my bits and scraps of collage cuttings and this is what I got. I used another stamp with birds, a piece of my special "studio lolo' notepaper for the center, I added a little atc bag, some butterflies and rubber stampings. I thought it would be appropriate to put a postcard from Rhode Island in the mail bag with a message for you ladies! I hope you can enlarge it to read it.
What fun this is! Lisa, thank you for such a wonderful venue ;)
I'll assemble it soon and post it and then it goes to Soulbrush!


  1. So pretty. Only the top photo enlarged for me, but I can read the bottom card just fine.
    Love how this all came together for you (and for Lisa)...a lovely back of page.

  2. I love the entire page but the quote I will keep close to my heart. It is wonderful. This is just great Lolo. I can see your loving caring thoughts on this page.

  3. So pretty - you have some lovely papers! I also like the pocket - what a coincidence as I just made one too!!