Monday, October 26, 2009

Suki's book

Ladies!!!! I have received two books this week.  One is is soooo colorful it has an amazing beginning that you can't see in pictures.  The other is Suki's book. Oh my gosh it is coming togetherr beautifully.  So creative. I have been so inspired.  I am off to create.....

This is my first time to participate in making a book. I so wish I had sent along a note to you all as each of these has a sweet note in it.  Just remembrer I am thinking positive, loving thoughts of you all.


  1. Lisa, we hear your thoughts for us. And I agree getting these books in hand in an experience hard to express in words. The art is amazing, fun, dances off the page in bursts of color and texture. I love being a part of two books now.

  2. Lisa, wow. Glad to hear about where the bks are. Can't wait to see what happens via your talented hands.

  3. yes i also wish i had sent along a note with mine..but i know i am gonna love all that your gals do in mine anyway. isn't this turning into a fabulous project..yah!!

  4. Even though I haven't had a moment to give my own book any thought I still haven't rec'd any.
    Maybe I get these 2 from you though! I think that's how it works. Yay, I moved the last of the old house to the new house today and I'll soon be ready to make art again.
    I'm so glad you're inspired Lisa ;)

  5. Glad you're fired up and raring to go Lisa! I'm getting behind with books - I have 3 here now and am starting to panic!!! In the meantime, I've already forgotten what I did for my own front page!!