Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two pages - Sjimmie travels and Soulbrushes book

Joss says that her book has no theme, but Marianne did "Flying" so I carried that along to this first cloudy flying strange people.
And Sjimmie is leaving here on his worldwind tour after his stop in Massachusetts.

These books are fun, I can't wait to get more. I think I send these to where did I leave that list??????


  1. These are quite marvelous. I can't wait to see them in person. And get started on my additions as well. What fun this all is.

  2. Oh Mim!!!!!!
    They are terrific!
    I love them both!
    I am so glad Sjimmie is enjoying himself.
    Friday (before he left for MA) Sjimmie ate the tails of the (raw) herring we had...... He loves fish, but you probably know that by now (when he caught something at least.......)
    Both pages are exquisite when enlarged, all those beautiful details!
    I am still waiting for Soul's finished book. Can't wait to get started again.
    And I agree with Lynn!
    I was also little intimidated when I saw all those beautiful collage pages, because I know I can't do them, but indeed we all have our own talents so I just use what I have.
    And the book becomes so nice just because of all those different styles and surprises .

    And indeed Mim The pages are 6 x 12, but once folded they close as 6 x 6, that's my mistake. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks Mim, for taking such good care of Sjimmie. I have never taken him fishing, what an experience and all those strange fishes he must have seen......

    Have a nice weekend!

    (I copied my comment from Mim's blog)

    And yes Mim your books go to Lynn

  3. oooooohhhhh i love that my book is 'flying' all round the world. what a happy and delightful page, thanks mim, yahoooo and away it flies.

  4. Terrific Mim! Soul's page is rather heavenly - I love the glittery mountain caps! And the one for Marianne's book is purfect - hope Sjimmie caught something tasty! I'm a bit behind with Katie's book but hoping to catch up this week!

  5. Oh dear. I just stuck with the written 6 x 6. Tomorrow I will decide to add another small page or send it as is...Oy.