Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Page for Mim's Book!

This is the back of my page for Mim's book! The background is mono printed fabric, which I glued some quotes to. I then stamped flowers and circles using foam stamps and acrylic paint and circled the quotes with Elmer's glitter glue. And this is the front of my page.
Mim's theme is "Women"... I drew nine women in my sketchbook, (using macro pens) for the nine of us participating as artysoulsisters, gathering together from "across the miles" . I colored them using marking pens. cut them out and glued them to the mono printed fabric background glued on cardboard from a cereal box...I added a few stamps from my foam flowers and circles and acrylic paint with a little dab here and there of Elmer's glitter glue in gold.
Click on photos to see details more clearly
I'll probably let this dry all weekend and mail it to Suki on Monday.


  1. I think this is great Lynn. I am also curious how you got the same post on to two blogs.??

  2. you are ON FIRE lynnie. wowser! what a fantastic job.

  3. I love this to bits. now, can we pick out which one of these gorgeous gals is us?

  4. I've been staring at the ladies to see which one I am! It would have to be one of the ones in pants...maybe the overalls :)

    These are fantastic Lynn!!

  5. Yes I wonder which one is me.......
    Great pages Lynn! So much to look at when enlarged!

  6. Well, glad you enlarged the photo Marianne as yes there is more to see that way, I hope you all did this.
    You all have free reign to pick who you want to be you. I did not do any of them consciously. Not even sure who is me. LOL
    Lisa, I put it on both blogs separately. I may have copy and pasted the writing from one to the other, but did them individually. Nothing magic in that.
    Mim, I am so pleased that you like it.
    I had such a good time making this one. It really just flowed out of me each step by itself without any forethought at all.

    So good to hear all of your positive feedback for it. Thank you so much.

  7. Lynn, these are super pages! Love the gals - not sure which is me but definitely not the one with the wasp waist!!!