Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marianne's Page from Lynn

Sjimmie has arrived in California. You can see him sitting on top of the state looking down on his host, Henry V. Henry plans to show him the sights, first the sunflower fields and then off to his friends the burrowing owls. Not sure what more they will do, but they'll enjoy the California sunshine before he heads East to visit Suki Poet. This 6" x 6" quiltlet is sandwiched with batting and muslin backing; donned with hand painted cotton fabrics, adorned with photos by Lynn, paper, and metallic threads. Sjimmie is black velvet just arrived from Chris' store in Shady Grove. The whole thing is top sewn free motion style.


  1. Oh Lynn!!!!!!

    Oh my what a wonderful piece you made for Sjimmie's book. Thanks you!
    Glad he enjoys the sunshine with Henry V
    Hope he behaved well and played nicely with the owls........
    And didn't learn Henry any bad things.
    That sun is just so gorgeous........
    and all those spirals.
    Can't wait to see it in real.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow, what a work of art and a labor of love!

  3. oh what a special page, tee hee and what utter fun. i love it. you sisters are all just doing the most fantastic stuff.

  4. Oh I love being part of this group! Lynn you have created the most superb cat visitor in California page for Sjimmie!!

  5. Ah shucks are too kind. The cats are having a grand time of it...Sjimmie is the perfect guest...Henry V is smitten...the owls enjoyed their romp...all is well. He's packing his bags for the East Coast and leaving for Suki's farm tomorrow.

  6. This is gorgeous Lynn, how creative you are.