Sunday, November 1, 2009

Soulbrush's page by Lynn

We all know that Soulbrush (Joss) loves South Africa and she is generous with her gifts to us too. This page has a background of hand painted muslin, which I also stamped. It's top sewn free motion style and my tension was loose which I decided I liked so left it so.
The giraffe's, her favorite, and zebras were cut from the tea towel she sent me a while ago...what goes around comes around... and some of the beads I sewed on and around it were also a gift from her generous soul. It's sewn as a quilt with inner batting and is backed with burlap for a African rustic feel.
The colors are much brighter in person. You'll just have to wait until it arrives at your door to see. Tomorrow it travels to Suki in NH.

I have no doubt she will love it.
How's that for confidence?!

Click on photos to see details of which I speak
it's sewn in gold metallic threads and black bobbin thread which comes to the top
in some places.


  1. Lynn your page is superb, I know soul will love it too. You are sooo talented. xx

  2. O-M-Gosh!!!!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you how fabulous this is. You should have confidence because she's going to be OVER THE MOON when she sees this!!

    Words escape me...WOW!!!

  3. I AM OVER THE MOON. When i saw this i was soo excited. you are a star, a wonderful, startling star, and you shine in my life lynnie. thank you so very very much. WOW!!!!!

  4. This is fabulous Lynn. Everyone is going to love it. I can see that soul already loves it.

  5. I have no doubt she will love it too. Great idea, excellent execution.

  6. this is sooo gorgeous. Oh my gosh, have no idea how I can follow up on this beautiful page. Soul will be so happy as I see up there on her comment she says she is!!!

  7. I so enjoyed looking at all the details in this terrific work of art!! Lynn, it is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see it!

  8. Lynn, this is amazing! So much thought, so much work, so much love! You always put so much of yourself into your work. This is terrific.