Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cover and Page 1

My muse abandoned me! I had an idea for the journal but no matter what I did, it just wouldn't work out!!! I tried and tried, but all I came up with was tired looking collage - so I gave up. But I still wanted the "women" theme - so the Miss Em muse did come to the rescue.

Here is the cover of my journal, I will keep it here and not send it out because it's big. 9 x 12 big (wow - sorry I got carried away).

I'll be punching holes in the side and clipping everything together with those loose ring binders when the time is right. Don't worry about punching holes in yours, I'll do that. Leave at least 2 inches on the left side to allow me to put it into the book. So in reality, the art space is 10 inches long by 9 inches high.

Here is page 1. The theme is Woman or Women of the World or anything along those lines. Be creative and don't really worry about the theme since whatever you do will reflect a Woman of the World.
This goes out today, to Lynn I believe.


  1. What fun to see that Miss Em became involved. I think this is terrific.

  2. this is what i'm talking about, letting you be you! and ms em is you, all you, what a fabulous first page. i am thrilled to be there with snuffs and the pink hair. thanks.

  3. This is a cute idea, Mim. I'm trying to think of something to add already. Hmmm.....

  4. I love this!! I'm going to enjoy adding something to this one ;)

  5. Wonderful I love those 9 women!
    So clever and well done!
    This is a fun book as well!

  6. This is great and will be wonderful to see what everyone adds to it! Thinking cap on ....