Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sjimmie's World

~Sjimmie's World~

Sjimmie's world is small and comfortable.
I am sending him around the world to visit my blogfriends to expand his view.
New adventures are awaiting him.
I would love it if you could show Sjimmie something typical of the country/area you live in.
Everything is ok as long as Sjimmie (a black cat) is in it.

The pages are square: 6 x 6" with 1" to attach your pages.

It was hard to get started.
Just like when I was a kid; I love to be creative, but when you put me in front of a blanc page with no theme it takes time before I get creative......
That's what I like about mandalas there is already a beginning and an end, all I have to do is go!
For me it was easier to work on Soul's book: the beginning was there. All I had to do was continue.
So I forced a beginning: I cut out a size, I love round and square things, so square it was.
And then I just started, the rest came as a mandala, step by step!


  1. hey, same size!!! We are for sure sisters ;)
    I love this Marianne and I love Sjimmie. This will be fun!
    I had no idea how I was going to put this together so that's why I thought I'd punch holes. We'll see.


  2. Thanks!
    No I have idea either , but I will see.
    So far I have been working backwards......
    First I did Soul's page, then mine and the cover....I will probably do that last :)
    And yes we sure are sisters!

  3. marianne this is totally awesome, what a great idea, and you can be sure i will have little sjimmie in it. (ooh i will get your last, how strange, how wonderful as i will see all the others first), isn't this fun, thanks so much for doing it before you fly off again.

  4. This is marvelous Marianne. It will be great fun to take Sjimmie for a tour of the garden. I will show him where all the cats like to tour. GREAT!

  5. cant wait for sjimmie to come visit henry the peace sign...

  6. Marianne, this is so pretty. What a clever idea. Can't wait to see it in person.

  7. I know that feeling, Marianne! Wow, what a lovely page you've created here - great idea too! I'll look forward to showing Sjimmie around KL!