Sunday, September 20, 2009

2nd page for Soul!

Amazing what you find when you google!
I typed in the word fly and see this is what I found.
I am not good in collaging things so I just made a watercolor about fly and flying.
Let it fly......... was Soul's message.
I started with her page instead of my own.
I didn't got any idea of what to make or do.
So I just started.....................
I will try to finish it today so I can send both Soul's and my pages to Mim!
And I will be ready to receive the next.

Here are Soul's pages together.
Hope you will like it!

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Marianne this is such a new look at what you can do! I LOVE the flying page with all it's different perspectives. Amazingly wonderful!

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE this!!!! She'll love that giraffe for sure. All of it is so whimsical and free! yay...great job!

  3. Yes the giraffe, I knew I had to put that in when I saw it! I know she loves giraffes!
    Thanks Lynn and Lolo for your enthusiasm!

  4. oooh marianne i love it, the whole feel is carefree... like a cirus come to town, and in case anyone forgets, i am an aquarian who hates being caged in and must feel free to FLY....baie baie dankie skat, ek is baie lief vir die mooi werk hier. yipppeeee our first 'second' page is done everyone, let's all just fly........................

  5. oh my, this is a great continuation of Souls theme. Let er fly...

  6. Marianne, this is so delightful! Can't wait to see it!!