Friday, September 11, 2009

Lynn's Book Cover is Done!

I first drew the picture of all of us in my sketchbook. Then I copied the drawing onto a white silk inkjetprinting sheet. I felted one soul sisters clothing (me) first in line bottom in blues; and then colored the rest using fabric pens, other colored pens and markers.
I was going to felt them all but it contorted the fabric too much so changed
my mind. The second photo is the back of my cover; off white muslin, batting between front
and back for quilting;
the machine felted fabrics show through in blue;
the bobbin thread is metallic red.
The circle shows our countries and states represented;

close up

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them

the letters across the shirts spell out Soul Sisters
the letters across the skirts spells ARTY
I have begun my first page and when it's done I will be mailing both
cover and page off to Suki!
My book is 12" X 7 1/2" including
one side for gluing to the next page.
I liked going a little larger and hope this works for the rest of you.
Suki and each subsequent artist will make one 12" X 7" page with half an inch left over
for gluing and the pages will fold back one on the other in an accordian style
but no one page will be folded itself. Each will lay flat.
My book has no theme so each artist can do their own thing!
The pages will be eclectic.
When the book returns to me I will tie it all together with yarn of some sort.


  1. ROFLOL what a whole lotta fun this is. Can I please be the S girl? with the curly squiggly hair and the 'arty' skirt? S=soul and that's me! aaaw Lynn I love this, and it starts your whole book off with such a cheery feeling. Am gonna enjoy it so much when i see it.

  2. Wow...I'm never going to come up with anything!!! Awesome, awesome Lynn!
    So clever.

  3. Lynn, you are so thoughtful. I think this is great. I was thinking like Soul. I would like to be the girl with the L on her shirt. :) This is such fun.

  4. So creative Lynn! Love it and looking forward to seeing it here!