Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Morning Arty Soul Sisters

Just a note to tell you I woke up dreaming of my cover or first page this morning and hope I can pull it off. (the above picture is not it, just a bit of whimsy to add to this post!) ;-)

I do not want to have a theme for my book. I love every ones unique art and want you to be able to express yourself in any form you wish, about anything that delights YOUR soul in my book.

I look forward to receiving your work at my doorstep and adding my own flair to your books.
I am more than happy to wrap my mind and art objects around your theme.

This is a fun journey I know, as I already participate in another traveling book group! I am happy to keep the art flowing and traveling around the globe!


  1. I've been wracking my brain to come up with a theme but I see so far you and Suki aren't having one. maybe that's the way to go...with the flow!! (or the muse.)

    This is a great teaser Lynn!

  2. Lolo, it wasn't meant as a tease, if you are referring to the art. I just dug that out to give color to my post! ;-)

    Or are you referring to my words?

  3. lolo, I have always had a hard time with doing "theme" oriented artwork for my own art. However, of course, I will follow the theme desires of my fellow round robiners to the best of my ability.

  4. me too, will follow others themes, but not have one of my own.

  5. I can't wait to get going again. After seeing all who have posted already it makes me want to create create create.

  6. Hi , you art . work i beautiful !

  7. I have finally decided on the size......
    You are so far already!