Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello to all my arty soulsisters and everyone else who reads this blog.
Ten of us are about to embark on a crazy and wonderful adventure, each making our own book, and then sendng it around the world for nine of our arty sisters to add a page to it. Finally in many months to come, our little book will arrive back on our doorsteps, well travelled and well used and well filled with this wonderful art; collage, paint, inks, fabric, wool, paper, stickers,stamps, cards, and lots of love.
When I told my art teacher about this idea a few months ago, she was flabbergasted at the 'honesty' and 'willingness' that everyone displays when doing a huge project like this.
I explained that none of us see it this way. We are all in a 'zone' of friendliness and even love, where we just want to spread our joy around. She isn't a blogger (yet), so she doesn't know the vibes that whizz back and forth between us.
Let's go make some art-sisters!