Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lolo's Cover so far...

Well I finally came up with a square format. I love squares! But I couldn't figure out if I wanted a theme or not. I was going to go with "Wings and Wishes" because there are so many ways to go with that. Birds, butterflies, bees and all things you dream or wish for. But then I said, nah, no theme! I did title it though, "9 Visions." I did the cover on my computer in my greeting card program. The eye has the world in it (although I stretched it to an odd shape!) and the eyelashes are nine paintbrushes representing us. I'll be embellishing it when it finishes drying.

I'd really love it if you could do a two page spread. The pages are only 6x6" worries! I'll do the first page and the last page because they're single as well as doing the first 2 page spread. And I'm just going to punch holes in the corners, so when you do your pages please punch the holes to align with mine. And remember that the holes will be on the inside when you open the book, not on the outside of the page. I'll probably tie it together with a ribbon or 2 binder rings.

So draw, paint, doodle, collage, sew whatever you want. The possibilities are endless in these journals! I hope to do my pages soon and send it off to Soul!



  1. He we picked the same size!!!!
    I love your idea, and the theme, no theme or 9 visions are easy to work with.
    can't wait to see it and add my pages to it!

  2. what a great way to start, i will read this all again when i get it...eeek i get it first. can't wait, ho clever you are. yay we are cooking now!

  3. Oh you are on a roll girl. I love your cover and the ideas your theme or non theme conjurs. I will try to get mine finished tomorrow and get it to you. Pictures later.

  4. fun page/cover...happy to comply with page size...look forward to punching holes...with grommets of the brushes nine!

  5. Lolo, this is is very nice. I like how you took all the parts of this project and put them together in one artistic page.

  6. Nice one Laurel! I've got a few squares in mine too! Love the paintbrushes idea and look forward to using mine in your book!