Friday, September 25, 2009

My Page For Lynn's Book

This is the second page I have created in the artysoulsisters traveling sketchbook exchange.
This page is for Lynn's book. I used stiffened felt for the background and stitched fabric and handmade fabric paper cut into random geometric shapes to that. Then I attached buttons, beads and trinkets. The little strand of beads I made in a jewelry making class I took many years ago.
This page will be added to the others in Lynn's book and will be sent out to Caroline's Studio in Maylasia early next week.


  1. omigod, she is goona lurv this, it is just so her!! terrific. you are really cooking sister.

  2. this is perfect for Lynn's book.

  3. wow, I missed this! It's really terrific Katie. Soooo Lynn!!

  4. What a perfect page for Lynn!
    I enlarged it and admired it!

  5. Wow! What a beauty! Looking forward to seeing it here soon!