Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lisa's Book beginnings

I finally got time for making my book.  This is the front outside.

On the inside cover on some textured paper I printed everyones name, with their blog names and a name of an artist they mentioned on their postings.

On the first page I did a haiku with some sandhill cranes.

On the back of the page I did what I call a big brush painting with a little sparkle.

This is how it looks opened to the first page.

The way I put it together is with those little brass plated fasteners that open in the back like a butterfly. All you have to do is make a tiny hole in the 1" at the side and stick them through your page to include it. I hope this isn't a problem for anyone.   If the little jewels come off in shipping don't worry about it. I have more.  I will be removing the fasteners when it comes back to me and binding the book anyway. I thought about removing the feathers on the front so shipping might be easier.  Then again you might want to see it.  I will send it as is. If it pops off during shipping just stick it into the mailer and send it on. I will deal with it when it gets back to me.   All right.  I am ready for the next one.  Send er on... Cheers.

P.S.  If you have forgotten what size... the page should be 9"wide x 7" tall.  This will give you an 8"x7" space for your art with a 1" left tab to bind with.  Have fun ladies.


  1. Wow, I love all the textures! The names and sites are such a great idea for the inside of the cover. beautiful cranes and haiku...a wonderful start I'd say!

  2. ohmygod this is incredible. You have ALL my blogs mentioned...LOL Your paintings and poems, feathers and sparkles, textures and colors are all wonderful! LOVE IT!!!

  3. now this is cooking sister, i love it. what a lotta detail and yet it is femine and fun, sooo cool. yah go girl go!!

  4. This looks so pretty, Lisa. Great idea, adding all the names of the artists. I forgot to do that, but I will have their signatures on their pages.

  5. these pages are so beautiful. I hope I can live up to them when it's my turn to add.

  6. This is all so beautiful together!
    Hope all stays in place and by the time it gets here I will have inspiration to add something just as beautiful

  7. Really beautiful, Lisa - I love those cranes! Can't wait to see it here - already thinking what I can do....