Monday, December 28, 2009

Colors for Caroline

What better subject than colors?!

With 9 Artysoulsisters it wasn't difficult to think about what to create.

# 9!

In my mandalas I (nearly) always use rainbow colors for number 9.

Of course the rainbow only has 7 colors.

1= red

2= orange

3= yellow

4= green

5= heavenly blue

6= indigo

7= purple

When making numerologic mandalas I use violet (red violet) for number 8 and pink (magenta) for number 9

They form the perfect rainbow of colors for me and all their traits, which I wrote on the edge for binding.

Both sides form a reversible painting when you should take the edge away.

The back side is an acrylic painting in a passe partout, an abtract painting of a colored sky.

It was wonderful to admire all the pages in real!

Hope you like my addition Caroline!


  1. Marianne, all your mandalas are stunning this no exception! So perfectly well done. Caroline will cherish these pages in her book.

  2. you've been doing what i've been doing today, having all these colours, gorgeous.

  3. this mandala seems to emit so much light. lovely. Have I done a page in Caroline's book??? I dont remember the theme of colors.??

  4. No Suki, you will be the last to add in this book :)

  5. Oh my goodness!! Just beautiful. When she finally gets to see this she'll be stunned.
    Wonderful M!!

  6. How could she not like it??? It is beautiful. We need this color at this time of year.

  7. Oh! Gasp!!! I just adore these !!! Thank you Marianne, I love that these pages are so very much 'you' and I'm really drawn into them - cannot wait to see them in person! The colours are splendid - you have such a way with them and these beauties will look perfect in my book, I'm sure ! Wonderful!