Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lynn's Page by Lolo

Man oh man did I struggle with this one! You all know how creative and prolific Lynn is. I just had no idea how I could represent her. I finally went way back to an old children's book illustration style I used to use and painted a lady sleeping with her kitty under a dream quilt.

Of course the lady is Lynn and the kitty is Henry V.

I painted this with watercolor on loose canvas...I know, go figure!! It was hard. The watercolor kept beading up but I persisted, darn it all because I had it all drawn in. I then embelished it with glitter and shine here and there because I could :)

When it came time for the back I went into my digital card program and looked at quilt motifs. I wrote a quick little poem and dropped it in and...voila!! This is my page for Lynn, front and back.
The painting looks a bit muddy for some reason. I think it's because glitter doesn't scan well.

Whew, these journal pages are challenging!


  1. I cannot tell you how very HONORED I feel that you took so much time to find just the right drawings for me! I can't believe I am so hard to come up with ideas for...but you made it look easy and oh so me! I love it love it love it!!! I am laughing, as I am no longer blond (my hair dresser decided on Friday that I needed to go darker for winter (probably to cover the gray easier too) and Henry V is no longer allowed in my bed or bed room! But this is a wonderful rendition of us say, last summer!
    The poem is fantastic!!!! The quilt on the back looks like it is hand quilted! ;-)
    Love it all front back and sideways! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my grateful heart!

  2. This is marvelous Lolo. You captured Lynn perfectly in this page. WOW. I love the poem.

  3. i am sitting here with a broad grin on my face, this is simply delightful, fresh, and fun. i can see all the work that went into it, but i think the timing of this book was just right, because girl- your mojo is on full speed ahead! Fabadabadoo lo.

  4. Wow!! You've been really busy too! What a lovely style you've used for this one and the picture is filled with such appropriate little pieces for Lynn. Can understand it was a challenge, but one you've pulled off brilliantly! Another lovely poem - how clever you are!

  5. totally charming and adorable. I love it that henry is dreaming too. you have captured things that they both love.

  6. I love the poem that you wrote. It really does speak best of what I think a quilter is...and Lynn. That is a very thought full page.