Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mim's Page by Lisa

This is Mim's page.  This time the haiku came before the page.  The front is watercolor with the haiku. I can't seem to think of Mim without thinking about the fish she likes to draw.  So here I have us as fishes in the big ocean of life.

While the back has a cocoon of sorts with us as butterflies ready to emerge.  Like magic butterflies emerge. 

From different fabric
we are sewn together with
wit, strength, compassion

Although it seems like
magic, we are bound with our
heart and muse. It is love.


  1. Wow Lisa, what a lovely piece - well, two pieces really! I love the haiku - so fitting! And those butterflies caught behind the shimmery fabric - just magical!

  2. Very clever, thoughtful and lovely Lisa. Love the watercolor well done, and the fabric, well you know me and fabric! I love it.

  3. So Mim this Lisa!
    You have so much ideas!!!
    Just very lovely!

  4. So Mim!!! I love the haikus too. Very touching :)

  5. Both sides are wonderful. I like the way you incorporate haiku into your visual pages. And the idea of emerging butterflies--a lovely image to begin the year (or end the year).

  6. goodness me, you have so many talents, yet again i love what you have done, and the words and the image of the butterflies, are all so lovely. another wowser!!