Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Suki's page for Lisa's book

acrylic on watercolor paper. Dried johnny jump-ups. gold pen.

Back page: acrylics, gold pen, micron pen. It took awhile for these to shape up. I especially had trouble with the first side, going over it several times with paint layers. The blessing of acrylics. I wanted a sense of nature and the garden via the dried flowers. It's a beautiful book and now I send it to Katie Jane. I think there are only three books I havent received yet, Katie Jane's and Caroline's and Lolo's. Have fun you guys.


  1. Like I said I can't wait to see it up close and personal.

  2. oooh how pretty, sptinglike and happy looking, this is also a great one suki. i think i have only had 3 so far...bet i'll get 6 all at once. you girls are really speeding through these books.

  3. I love the way the flowers look like they are blowing in the wind...isn't that a song?
    Just lovely! the back is fun too.

  4. Aww, Suki, this is very nice. I always love that you use real flowers in your work.

  5. What lovely colours in this piece - I love those dancing Violas (I had never heard them called johnny jump-ups before!)

  6. Very naturesque, so Lisa! The metallic pens add a nice touch too.

    I'm loving this project!

    I think I've only had 3 so far myself. Yours, Carolines, Lisa's and Katies. Oh, four!