Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mim's pages by Lolo

Mim asked that we make the theme about women.

Strong, smart, magical...every woman :)

I looked back over my illustrations I've done the past couple of years and made copies of my Wallfowers and my Bagladies. Guess what? There were nine of them. NINE!! Kismet.

I printed them out on the finest photo paper and made a collage of them. I'm letting them stand alone/together. No words are needed on that page.

For the back page I wrote a short poem to describe them and all women out there.

To describe us.
Wallfowers and Bagladies,
Thinkers, dreamers, doers.
Conquering fears,
persuing dreams,
rising to the top
like the finest cream.

Here's to women everywhere!
Thank you Kj for your editing services ;)


  1. Love these pages for Mim...hope none of us are or will be bagladies unless that means something other than poor and living in the streets pushing a shopping cart of old cans.
    Lovely collection of drawings and paintings Lolo!!! Bravo.

  2. I should have said that my "Wallflowers" are ladies painted against patterned backgrounds and my "Bagladies" were painted on paper bags :)
    When I post it on my blog I'll note that.

    Thank you Lynn!

  3. I love it Lolo. Bagladies and all. Another great poem.

  4. ooh i remember your bagladies, loved them all. what a fantastic collage. and one of my favs is frida of course. we might all be 'bags' but wow we are certainly 'ladies'! you rock lo!

  5. Oh my, Laurel this is simply wonderful. Don't your ladies look just terrific together like that? Glad you told us about the wallflowers and bag ladies - makes sense now!! Lovely poem too - lucky Mim!

  6. gosh this is fabulous and another poem too (I am reading these posts backwards). You are so talented

  7. Ah I see that now...LOL Love the bag ladies! This book page is wonderful! She will love it, as YOUR art is stupendous!