Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Pages by Soulbrush: Lolo and Katie

Lolo's theme is 'Journeys', so I decided to go to Egypt.
Hope you like it Lo. I didn't attach it, left it loose, for you to do.
It goes off to Marianne tomorrow before the Xmas mail rush.

Katie's book is looking so lovely already. Her theme is 'Nature', so I painted this one and called it 'Underwater Life'. Also not attached, as Katie requested. Hope you like it too K.
This will also fly off to Marianne tomorrow, and await her when she gets home again


  1. both of these are delicious Soulbrush. So beautiful and inventive

  2. Like it???? I LOVE it!!! Wow, Egypt has always intrigued me. Thanks Jossie!!

    And Katie's page is full of movement and mystery. Wow, great job on both!

    I have 2 right now...Lynn's and Mims. Yikes!


  3. These are wonderful Soul. I love all the color.

  4. Well done! These books just become more and more beautiful with each added artists page!
    You did yourself proud!!!!

    Fun to hear where my book travels to too...soon I will have it in my hands.

  5. What a busy weekend you've had Joss - these are super - I really wanted to enlarge them but can't seem to do that :( Love the patterns in Lolo's and Katie's is definitely floaty and under watery!! Great job!