Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lynn's Page by Lisa

Here is the front of the page I did for Lynn's Book.  Since Lynn is a master seamstress I got the ole sewing machine out and did a stitch or two for her.  This page depicts the giving heart of all of us and each lady is holding in her hands things she loves as I see it on their blog since I haven't met any of them in person.  I have a bee and smiley bead, Joss has a zebra and Snuffles in hand, Suki has a house and basket of flowers, Mim has fish in each hand, Caroline has a palm tree and the sun, Marianne has Sjimmie and ying/yang, Lolo has a raven and flower w/butterfly, Katy has a cat and flower and Lynn has a sewing machine, thread and thimble in hand.  Each lady has her initial as a necklace. The beaded jet stream shows to which lady their books go to.  The blue object in the middle represents the world.  There is a seed packet and a dove of peace on the world.

It was so heavy I glued it to a heavy watercolor paper.  The back has a Haiku I wrote along with some stamps and watercolors. 

I will get Lynn's book into the mail going on to Lolo tomorrow.  Cheers everyone.


  1. What a really great idea - so original, Lisa! Sadly I won't get to see this one in person!

  2. Oh my goodness, such amazing thought and work went into this!!
    These books are transforming us. Wow!

  3. This is amazingly beautiful! I see much love and friendship in this. A connection of spirit and heart.(smile) A real treasure...

    Blessings to you,