Monday, December 7, 2009

A page for Joss by Caroline

Here we are - Joss's page complete now! I've dithered over what to create for Joss's page for over a week! With no particular theme for the book stipulated by Joss, it seems that most of you have decided to follow Joss's first 'flying' page. That was as good a place as any to start and I reckoned an owl might make a suitable subject. This time I decided to dust off my lino cutting tools and have a go at a relief print. I'm always very nervous of this technique - to a certain extent, I like to be in control of the media in my hands and whilst I love it when the results are unexpected I've always found that lino/woodcutting is haphazard to say the least (in my hands!!). Well here is my owl printed on handmade paper (the same I used for the flip side of Mim's page) and layered on turquoise and tangerine coloured japanese papers. On the second half of the page I used a feather stamp that I had carved from an eraser and added other odds and ends from my stash. I hope you like this Joss - I had fun with it!


  1. Wow! I'd say those tools dance magic in your hands soul sister! This is stunning! Both pages dance for me.

  2. This is marvelous. You are so creative with many styles. I know Joss will love it.

  3. So nice to read how something develops!
    The outcome is superb!

    I am still in the stage of thinking what to do with your page. The idea is there now I must find a moment........
    But my hands itch!
    Will start soon!


  4. Stunning as is everything you do! I'm sure she'll love this...the colors, the technique and Mr. wise old Owl!

    A wonderful addition Caroline!

  5. the owl print is incredible. Both pages gorgeous. Oh I am sure she will love these

  6. you are all absolutely correct, i do love it, of all the birds i see, i must say that the owl is one of my favourites, and these colours just 'sing'. thanks so much caroline, wow, i can't believe you were nervous, certainly doesn't show. i am loving what you girls are doing in this project.