Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Suki's Page Completes Her Book!!!!

Clicking to enlarge these photos enhances your ability to see more detail of color and texture.
I made a beach scene for Suki as we all know she loves Cape Cod...
I used four fabrics (brown rolling hills, orange sun, burlap that is mostly covered now, and some netting over the sand fabric. Candy wrappers make up the water and waves...

Embroidery floss adds texture too.

And beads add sparkle!
The sun is cut crinkly paper as is the sky at the very top and this blue paper
wraps around the back.
Every part of this was made with recycled materials.
It is machine sewn with invisible thread first then hand embroidered
and beaded. Both of which are very relaxing aspects of the creation
and allow me to feel such an intimate part of the piece.
I loved creating this page.

Suki's book is now finished.


  1. What a beautiful end!
    Love those colors and that spiral Sun! So warm everything.
    That crispy paper is fun, only you can think up something like this!

  2. this is so exciting Lynn. I love it. I also love that it is made out of recycled materials. Fabuloso. What I DO wonder is....who ate all the candy inside the candy wrappers. :)

  3. LOL, Suki, Fred and I ate them, but let it be known they are sugar free coffee candies. Low calories no calories from sugar. And they are GOOD!!! They keep me awake nights if I eat too many close to bedtime.

    Thanks Marianne.

  4. Now that is a clever way to get to eat candy. I will have to remember this. "I must eat it for a project." Tee hee... I love the page. It is gorgeous.

  5. this is such a fantastic ending to suki's book. i can't believe how quickly this has flown round to 9 people, started in september. enjoy it suki, it is all made with absolute love.

  6. You really worked hard on this. I love the shinny water and the warm sun...especially now when it is so cold.

  7. A perfect ending to a day is a sun setting and perfect ending to a book is this Beach scene with a sun shining and ending soon.
    I wish I could see it in person. I like the netting on the sand. Gives it more of a beach feel.

  8. Wow this is just a splendid end! And I see it's now just as beautiful as a beginning!!