Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pages for Lisa's book

Today I finished working on Lisa's pages.
I received the book in the weekend ans first I admired the pages inside.
My... what gorgeous pages, the book will be so nice!
The front of the page is daytime, the back is night,
there is less to see but everything is still there ,like magic!
The owl can see it all.........
The pages are done in watercolor and ink.
I know Lisa loves birds and nature so I tried to incorporate those elements.
I loved working on these pages because I love animals and nature as well.
Well who doesn't?
The white sides will disappear later in the cover.
On the back page I wrote (in white pencil)
the last lines of a poem by Hazelmarie Elliott.
I will soon forward it to Mim and hope to get a book soon again.
Hope you will like it Lisa.

Between the Now and Then

Upon horizon, night to day ~
there between the now and then,
I often pause along the way,
to tiptoe through the moonlit glen ~
or perhaps take in sun's light,
night to day ~ day to night.

Upon horizon, day to day ~
there between the then and now,
as seasons grow along the way,
to crease the face of timely brow ~
or perhaps steal time away,
day to day ~ day to day.

Upon horizon, day to night ~
there between the now and then,
I stand beneath my autumn light,
bereft as memory calls again ~
to pain the heart with bygone sight,
Night to day ~ day to night.

Upon horizon, night to night ~
there between the then and now,
I know that winter casts its sight,
on one last leaf that will not bow ~
to frost within its golden sight,
night to night ~ night to night.

Upon horizon, night to day ~
there between the now and then,
I know my spring will fade away,
and summer's soft remember when
will echo gently autumn's way ~
day to night ~ night to day....
Winter's near ~ Winter's near......

Hazelmarie Elliott


  1. Oh Caroline, I know she'll love this!!
    What a wonderful addition. Just lovely!

  2. I can't believe I said Caroline!!
    I should know your work anywhere. Sorry M...I'm just crazy these days. You both do such lovely work that I got confused!

  3. Lolo, I think it's not unusal that you said Caroline, only because we have so many many incrediable artists amongst us and you just expounded over Carolines' art work in the earlier post.

    That being said,

    Marianne, I always always know your art as soon as I see it with your signature mandala shapes/circles/and beautiful watercolors.
    This beauty is no exception. The design, composition of birds and butterflies so well done, bring it all together so beautifully. I love the day and night front and back, the wise old owl...in the dark sky. The lightness of the daylight front. Wonderful.

  4. omg marianne this is soo fine, so lovely and so lisa. her love of animals and birds has emerged over the months as well as her love for poetry. you have combined them all. thanx so much for all your hard work.

  5. These are so good.. I couldnt take my eyes for a while..

  6. Can't wait I tell you. I can't wait to lay my eyes on this.

  7. Marianne, these are a most beautiful two pages.I just received another book with a page by you in it and am astounded. You are a watercolor master.

  8. I love this. I love birds and this is lovely.

  9. This is beautiful, Marianne. Anyone would love it.

  10. Yes, both pigeon and owl are so real. Theit lovely spirit will stay in my heart!