Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lolo's page for Caroline

I had so much fun doing this page! I always start out a bit intimidated without a thought it my head, but then as with most art it just evolves.
The first thing I did was draw a raven in pen and ink cross-hatching on this light green tag. I didn't like the way he turned out so I added colored pencil to darken him and acrylic paint for the highlights. I then painted the branch and juicy blackberry with acrylics and added a whimsical vine with a sharpie.
The little bag that holds the treasure was embellished with rubber stamps, Distress-Inks and glitter glue. The card inside the bag was a piece of cardboard that came with something I bought and I kept it because of the wonderful vines and flowers. I thought I'd use it in the future for an atc or something.
I painted only a few leaves and one flower in watercolor. Then I added that wonderful diamond glitter, after all the flower holds magic!
The background is patterned paper which I embellished here and there with colored pencil in aqua and light green to tie it all in. The postage stamp and words are stickers.
There you have it. Raven's search is over. Who knew he'd find the flower in Malaysia?! Now he'll fly to London so Jossie can do her page.
What fun this was!

(The flower card didn't scan well at all. It's really very pretty!)


  1. I am lovin it Lolo. I am so glad to see a Raven making its way around the world.

  2. Oh wow!!!! So beautiful again!
    So wonderful all your pages hold these prety surprises!
    Love the painted raven! eh... love it all

  3. We are double commenting...loved this on your blog and still do here as well. You have a way with crows! ;-)

  4. I've been gazing at this for some time now, reading your words and taking it all in - Laurel, I just adore this page. I am a big Raven fan, like many of us I think, and I love blackberry picking (miss that here in KL!) And to top it all off I get treasure too - so beautifully done - I think this was perfect for me - thankyou so very much!

  5. This is so delicate and peaceful and I love the idea of the wishing flower. I think she will love this.