Friday, November 6, 2009

Suki's pages for Soulbrush's book

I purchased some London stickers a few months ago in anticipation of doing Soulbrush's page. I also had, in my collection, a London A to Z which consists of London street maps. So the background center section of each page is a London street map covered in white paint. I used sturdy art paper as the page and painted it with acrylics.

I found the airplane sillhouette on line. Yesterday I bought the stick on letters at Job Lot. I wrote all our names in the windows of the bus. I hope I didn't forget anyone. Doily on lower left with gold leaf.

With permission from Soulbrush, I downloaded Maggie Rae's photo from Soulbrush's blog. I put black glitter around the map edge and didnt like it so painted over it. Now it looks like shading. I will hold this until I finish Marianne's page. I received both books at the same time. What fun!!!

PS the idea for the pages is that we all are flying to London to visit Soulbrush. Click to enlarge photos.


  1. What a wonderful idea Suki! It would be fun to drop in on her.

    I love the tea party with Maggie. Super job!

  2. What a lot of thought and work went into these pages Suki!!! Bravo! I especially like the painted map background. Wouldn't it be something if Souls area were actually shown here? ;-) Can't wait to sit for tea with Queen Soul and Princess Maggie!
    All the details are wonderful.

  3. Oh wonderful and O so British!
    Let's have tea scones and cucumber sandwiches over there and meet Maggie too!
    Lovely pages Suki, know she will love them!!!

  4. WOW. .This is fantastic Suki. You did put a lot of thought into this. she will LOVE it.

  5. I DO LOVE IT. I AM OVER THE MOON WITH IT ALL. thanks so so much Suki and you all know that if ever you DO get to London, you are ALL most welcome to come and stay with me. and we WILL have tea and scones with Maggie Maggs.

  6. Wow! Lovely one, love the red London soldier on duty. Cute Maggie Rae is a charm factor here.
    Time to enjoy tea...
    Suki is so thoughful and the end result is marvellous!

  7. Love your page Suki. All the texture and thought put into it. Great!!

  8. Suki, this is completely charming! Delightful little touches for our Soul living in London! I love the map , the tea table, the guard ... well, I love it all really!

  9. I love these pages, especially the idea of the pages from the A-Z. And the plane, and the bus. It's just wonderful.