Monday, November 23, 2009

To All My Arty Soul Sisters

I wanted to drop in to your lives and say a BIG BIG thankyou to you all for the tremendous effort you are all making to get stuck into these books as they arrive, the delight you are showing in all the art you do, the pleasure you are all experiencing in receiving each book, and the thrill I get every time I see a new page.
I never in my wildest dreams ever thought this project would take off like this and be so successful
All I can say is:
Joss xxx


  1. You are so welcome, Joss, and THANK YOU for orchestrating the whole thing. It is a sheer delight to work on the pages and to see the pages as they cross my path along the way. What fun this is...and I'd signup to do another in a heart beat. It makes me grow.

  2. I love this swap, it's wonderful and creative and even more special since you started it.

  3. Dear Joss,You are most welcome but I am the one that is thankful to be included in this project with such talented artists. It is great fun as wellas a challenge for me.

  4. Aw, that is so sweet of you! I'm so happy to be taking part too! I love it when another book drops in my mail box - I'm eagerly awaiting two I know are on the way from Katie! The project has pushed my art in lots of different directions, doing things I've wanted to try and never got around to! Thank you Joss for inviting me along! I too want to do more things like this!!

  5. Thank you Joss for dragging us into this adventure! It is a pleasure!

  6. I agree with everyone! I'm loving this venture. I've even got mine going now...finally!
    Lots of love to you Jossie for including me ;)


  7. thank you Joss! and thank you for thanking us. and thanks for starting it all. i esp like the way you set it up so we can each post onto the blog when we have a page ready. And the artwork.....just gorgeous. Such a bunch of amazing artists.