Monday, November 30, 2009

Lolo's Cover and pages...finally!

I got off to a pretty slow start on my own journal but this weekend it finally created itself. It started out as our journey cross-country which really ended up being a spiritual journey for me.

The snail represents taking the slow way home (car vs. flying.) We're moving house and home with Bliss and Emma trying to balance themselves on this trek. My raven guide is with us, of course!

Several times along the way we felt like giving up but we pushed on telling ourselves every day "we can do this!"

The snail has left a glittery trail to our new home.

Open the doors...

Look inside the envelope...

Keys to our 'new life.'

I'd like it if you ladies did something about journies, any type, physical or spiritual. We're all on one big journey, after all!

Just do one page that folds in half measuring 12" x 6". I'll glue the back of your first page to the back of the previous second page resulting in a book format.

This is on it's way to Joss today so she can add her special touches!
I'm looking forward to the beuty you'll all add to this journal.
Thank you! xoxo


  1. ahhh what lovely pages!
    Didn't expect anything else from you!
    all things in good time. No need to rush yourself you see now it all unfolded by itself!
    Can't wait to see it for myself and add something. Don't know what yet but I know once in my hands it will also unfoild itself.
    The uniiverse is simple in that and never wrong.


  2. Beautiful and inspiring Lolo. Well worth the wait. Can't wait until it comes to me. I have just received Mim's book too. I must get busy... talk atcha later.

  3. and well worth waiting for lo. beeeeooootiful and meaningful too.
    now i must put my thinking cap on....

  4. Love your journey and will do my best to keep to this theme. I will give it some thought. Love all the colors in this one...and the keys and envelopes added.

  5. Ah, I knew we'd get a treat from you Laurel! Love your theme and all the little details you've incorporated especially the snail carrying everyone!