Sunday, November 1, 2009

Suki's Book, Lolo's Pages

I was on a bit of a creative roll after doing Gina's ATC so I thought I'd seize the day and get going on Suki's journal which arrived yesterday.
I started with some wonderful textured paper that has been put away for years. I 'Googled' raven images (of course!) and came across this wonderful Celtic design that I 'borrowed.' If the artists name was available I'd give proper credit.
I glued the raven and started embellishing the edges of both sections with scrolls in aqua and purple. I then spotted these sweet tags I bought on Etsy a while back and inserted one in a little atc bag that I also embellished with doo-dads. On the back of the tag I wrote "May your travels take you to your heart's desire."
I also glued a fotune on the page that says "The greatest gift of all mistakes is to do nothing because you think you can only do a little."
On the next page is that lovely raven. I drew in snowy hills, bare trees and a full winter moon. I wrote "Gently falling snow, guide Raven home."
I also found a line I cut out of a magazine a while ago that says "find your happy place and just be."
I finshed it off with glitter for the snow.
Now it will be on it's way to Soulbrush for her magical touches!
This was such fun for me. I hope you like it Suki!


  1. Oh that is absolutely wonderful. I love how you've explained everything you've done, it's a great help to me. I'm sure soul will do wonderful things too.

  2. this is so wonderful too. i absolutely love the images and the words. suki is going to be thrilled as it pertains exactly to where she is in her life right now. wow what a beautiful piece. i knew i had invited exactly the right people to join me with this exciting venture.

  3. Oh my gosh, Lolo. I love this. Just gorgeous and I love all the words and colors and the raven. And the bird tucked into the pocket. Thank you, I can't wait to see the finished book. Wow.

  4. How gorgeous is this?!! Lolo you're certainly on a roll! I love the raven/winter theme, the colours are perfect. And all the little details make it such a delightful piece! Lucky Suki!

  5. You rolled up everyting into one little page! Perfectly said, perfectly done. This is beautiful, and so...perfect!

  6. Really lovely in art and words. So perfect for Suki's present journey in life. I do hope she finds her "happy place" soon, perhaps this beautiful raven is helping her get there. I love all the embellishments, the glitter snow is perfect. So well done Lolo.

  7. What can I say? It is just perfect! In every way.
    And so for Suki at this moment.
    I started at lisa's page today and your pages in her book are so gorgeous in person!