Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kate's Page for Marianne's Book

This is my page for Marianne's book. Marianne's cat Sjimmie is traveling the world through her book. She wants him to get a feel for life in each of our areas and so I call this painting "Sunday In The Park". Here I am taking Sjimmie on a nature walk through my favorite sculpture park, Pyramid Hill. We had a lovely day enjoying all the interesting sculptures that many of you have already seen in photos on my blog. He especially liked watching the ducks in the pond. Thank you, Marianne, for letting Sjimmie go with me on this special nature walk.


  1. Sjimmie is being so good on that leash!!
    How wonderful for you to share your favorite park with him ;)
    Very sweet illustration katie!

  2. Sjimmie's going to be so worldly-wise after all his adventures! A lovely page for Marianne's book, Katie - I'd like to visit that park with all it's sculptures too!

  3. Sjimmie will be the most traveled cat by the time he gets home. I wish I could stroll through this park with you both. A fun painting.

  4. very cute kate. Sjimmie will have so many stories to tell Marianne when he returns home. Lucky him to get to visit the sculpture park!

  5. Oh wow katie how wonderful!!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Oh it will be so much fun when Sjimmie returns and I can touch all his adventures.
    How did you get him so well behaving on that leash?! He certainly learned something again.
    Thanks Katie for that stroll in the park and for creating this lovely page!
    Thanks so much!

  6. A wonderful watercolor this is! A cat on a leash! NO!!! Too funny. But the ducks are safe! LOL