Sunday, November 22, 2009

Butterfly for Lisa Front and Back

This brightly colored butterfly is no doubt inspired by the African American quilts I saw yesterday! It is made up of machine felted velvet and woolly bits surrounded by variegated ribbon yarn, embellished with beads.
If you click on these to enlarge them you can just about FEEL the fabrics!

close up and then
the back which I left uncovered.
It makes for a rather delicate page on scrapbook paper, as the machine felting
hammers holes in the
fabric to adhere it to the paper. I did not want to weaken it further by top sewing on it.
So handle with care please.

Here you can see the hundreds of tiny holes felting gives the work.
I added brads to strengthen the side of the page that is fastened into the book cover
with all the other wonderful pages.
It will fly off to Suki tomorrow and then only Kate and Caroline need add their
artistic endeavors before it finally arrives in Lisa's hands!


  1. Wow!! This is just so beautiful Lynn! I really can't wait to see this! Oh, and I love the back just as much as the front!!

  2. You did it again. Something special and fun and colorful. Lisa will love it.

  3. Beautiful and I was admiring the result still it is a mystery to me how you do this .......
    It turned out so colorful and beautiful

  4. yes i can literally feel this, what a super duper flutterby, it's gonna make lisa's heart flutter.

  5. Marianne, I use a felting machine, which has seven needles (no thread) that puncture tiny pin prick holes through the top fabric into the substrate below, in this case paper. It adheres the two pieces together. Normally I sew also on top after felting but did not in this case as the paper was too fragile and was starting to tear away from the repeated punching of needles into it.
    I hope this clears this up for you.

  6. jeepers!! You're amazing Lynn!! Just dazzling :)

  7. Thanks for your explanation!
    Now I get it (a little) 7 needles no threads.
    They are just connected by these little punctures with their own material to the back.....