Saturday, November 14, 2009

A page for Suki by Soulbrush

I wanted to make some sort of 'angel' figure for Suki.
So, I drew her and stuck bright papers all over, in a mosaic -type pattern, with black outlines.
Then I looked at her and realised that all the paper may come loose in transit around the world. So I placed a piece of weaved fabric over her and stitched it round the edges with black cotton to hold it all in place. (you can't see the cotton here).
I like her. She is calm and gentle and will be with you Suki, helping you in your quest to find a new and wonderful place to 'rest your weary bones'. Made and sent with my love.


  1. This is very lovely SB - really great

  2. oh my goodness, so heavenly!!

    Great job Jossie. Wow!!


  3. Yes, it is angelic!! Love the colours you've used Joss - it has a stained glass window look!

  4. Marvelous Soul. Love the colors and texture.

  5. A masterpiece Soul!
    As said on your blog I love it!

  6. This seems a special blessing piece to me. I can see light shining through the pieces of glass Or so it seems. Beautiful.