Sunday, November 8, 2009

suki's page for Marianne's book

Well my jacket blocked off the bottom of this but I'll leave it. Acrylic paint on Stonehenge paper. Two pieces of scrap paper for tablecloth and bowl. The shutters open and close and the shutter shadow in this picture is caused by the sunlight and is not painted on.
Marianne had a peace sign and a silver moon on her page so I repeated them here. I think I made Sjimmie a tad fatter than he is. Marianne said Sjimmie likes to eat tomatoes and canned mushrooms which is why those are on the table top.

I am not really good at direct painting like this so there are numerous mistakes. I prefer painting on a surface that I can paint over and over until I get it "right" which only means the way I want it. I will mail Soulbrush and Marianne's books to Katie Jane hopefully on Monday.


  1. Suki, this is adorable. I love every bit of it...the mouse and mouse hole, your cat, her cat, the peace sign bubbles, the glitter door handles, the shutters that close, the table cloth, all of it. Just absolutely adorable. Sorry I won't be seeing this one in person as I've already added my page to this book. Bravo bravo bravo! Job WELL DONE!!!

  2. this is absolutely adorable. sweet and charming, joly and childlike, totally delightful. and i will be seeing it one day...yippeee.

  3. Suki, this is so playful and child-like in a wonderful way! Kind of Tasha Tudorish. You've put so much thought into this. I just love the way it came together!!

  4. This is wonderful Suki. I love the little peace signs all over the walls.

  5. Suki - this is adorable, I love it!

  6. This is just perfect Suki!!
    Love everything about it!
    Thanks so much and also for spoiling Sjimmie!
    Those bubbles are awesome! The shutters the tablecloth, well everything. Love those whiskers.
    Not good at painting direct......?! Nonsense it is just great.
    I love all my pages!
    And I had the same thought as Lynn when I saw your pages for Soul. I guess I HAVE to go to London to sea it for my myself.
    And day Sjimmie will return and I will be so lucky to hold all his memories!

  7. Delightful, Suki! Lovely painting with super details - the shutters and the tablecloth are great additions! Looking forward to seeing this book very much!

  8. This is super, I love it's simple style and you have no need to worry about not being good at this way of painting, as everyone says. It's lovely.