Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back page for SoulyB by Lolo

Did you really think I'd forget to do the back? No...but I did forget to post it!

The paper I used is so gorgeous by itself that all I had to do is add one more photo of the birthday girl herself! I put a beanie on her head over her striped hat and I added a "1" design to her shirt to show what a big girl she is today!

Now completing its circle, this journal will be flying from Rhode Island to London on Tuesday

to be back in the hands of its rightful owner ;)
P.S. Its not blurry in person!


  1. The back is just as much fun.
    I remember this picture , the joy and spirit of life in those eyes! Wonder where she got that from.....;)
    Soul will be so happy!
    Indeed gorgeous paper and wonderful work!

  2. roflol and this is such a fun picture too.daddy took her 'tights' (stockings) off her legs and put them on her head, silly daddy. lovely lolo. xxxx

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  4. This is quite hysterical. I didn't see it when posted. Glad i found my way to it today. Such fun.