Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lolo's Backside (oh la la)

This is the back of Lolo's page.

Egyptian treasures. A papyrus mandala calender I found in a giftshop.
(couldn't help to see a mandala in it...;))

The zodiac is a planisphere or map of the stars on a plane projection, showing the 12 constellations of the zodiacal band forming 36 decans of ten days each, and the planets. These decans are groups of first-magnitude stars. These were used in the ancient Egyptian calendar, which was based on lunar cycles of around 30 days and on the heliacal rising of the star Sothis (Sirius).
Its representation of the zodiac in circular form is unique in ancient Egyptian art.[citation needed] More typical are the rectangular zodiacs which decorate the same temple's pronaos.
The celestial arch is represented by a disc held up by four pillars of the sky in the form of women, between which are inserted falcon-headed spirits. On the first ring, 36 spirits symbolize the 360 days of the Egyptian year.
On an inner circle, one finds constellations, showing the signs of the zodiac. Some of these are represented in the same forms as their familiar names (e.g. the Ram, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, albeit most in odd orientations in comparison to the conventions of ancient Greece and later Arabic-Western developments), whilst others are shown in a more Egyptian form: Aquarius is represented as the flood god Hapy, holding two vases which gush water[citation needed].

The calendar is in an envelop , so you can decide what to do with it.

I mailed the 3 books (also Mim's own and Lynn's) to Mim today.


  1. and another wow from me too. what fabulous stuff.(not your backside lolo, this page!)

  2. The back side is as interesting as the front. WOW.

  3. Splendid - you must have been delighted when you came across this!! And now you've made such an original page for Lolo with it! So creative, Marianne! I'll have to investigate all the links you've added too - can't wait to get this book here.

  4. Wow!!! I've been exposed ;)

    This is magnificent and so full of good information! I love this Marianne.

    I also like that the lady only shows her eyes, just like me on my blog ;)
    I can't wait to get my finished book!
    Thank you. xoxo

  5. What a face! That's not you is it those beautiful eyes? So interesting. And the books are getting done. Wow...I will be busy as I have Caroline's book on my design table now waiting for me today.