Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marianne's back pages by Lolo

What I love about this patterned paper is often times it can be as it is. For instance, this little bluebird is sitting in the middle of a mandala shaped design. All I did was write this in the middle..."This little birdie brings a message of love from lolo in Rhode Island to Marianne in the Netherlands."

The larger piece of paper (because it overlaps the first) is filled with these wonderful organic shapes like flowering branches. I wanted to put a raven in there but I think a Red-Winged Blackbird is quite a better choice this time. Besides, he's such a hopeful sign of Spring!
I colored in some shapes here and there to give this side more color.
There you have it. Now tomorrow it will go to Joss!


  1. i love the way you have done both front and back in our books, what a lot of extra effort, so like you, always giving. blissful page.

  2. Ohhh!!!!!!! I was just about to shut my computer down and go to sleep and I saw this little bird popping up on my sidebar!
    Can you believe I have never heared of the Red-Winged Blackbird before! I just googled and found out it is a common birds in the US. Here I have never seen it so I will welcome him (as only the males have these colors) with open arms as I will Spring!
    what a beautiful backside Lolo!
    Now I will go to sleep hopeful and happy!

  3. I love the simplicity of this back page and how you utilized the mandala shape so well to blend in your style! Sweet bird there.
    And the front, ohmygoodness, stunning. Yes, we have this bird where I live and he is quite beautiful to behold. You did him justice with your paintbrush. Lolo will feel blessed to have these pages.

  4. lovely pages Lolo. I love redwing blackbirds and there are often a lot of them here in the fields either in the spring or fall i forget which

  5. I love these. We too have Red winged black birds here. Great choice to paint.

  6. I too, have never seen this birdie! Beautiful pages, Lolo - I love it when you paint birds!!