Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lynn's Page for Caroline's Book

I had fun this Sunday morning playing with beeswax!

Something new for me.

I used a photo of our local owl on card stock background
fabrics from my stash in earthy colors
and handmade beads
and then I poured the melted beeswax over it all.
Did I ruin it or create something of interest. I have no idea!
This is the back of the page.This book has two more stops and then it will be in Caroline's hands.

I hope you like wax!


  1. Wow, so much color and texture!1 I love the wax, esp with your signature carved into it ;)

  2. An interesting turn of technique. I like it. I think I would have liked it without the wax too. It has so much life.

  3. you are so fearless when it comes to trying new things, this is superb.

  4. I think it comes to me next. you know I love beeswax so I vote yes! Love the textures.

  5. Why cant I enlarge these pix?? I cant see them very well. Looks good from what I can see. I hope you post this on your blog Lynn.
    the back I can see well ..Looks like a bees comb..or box for a hive?.. is that what you call them?? ... on the back. Cool idea.

  6. Wow!! Talk about creativity!! Lynn this looks great and I really can't wait to get it home as I too can't enlarge to see the details!! Thank you so much for daring to use the wax - I love the look! Oh, and that back page looks just like a honeycomb!x

  7. He how come I didn't see this one yesterday....?
    Wonderful pages Lynn I like the wax and especially the backside of the pages!
    That's what I like about you! Always ready to try new things!
    The wax looks perfect to me!