Sunday, January 24, 2010

Katie Jane's Book Is Compete With Lynn's Page

I stamped bark and leaf pictures to card stock and then sewed patchwork quilted leaves on top to add to Katie's nature theme for her book, which is now complete and will be mailed to her tomorrow.
It was Kathy who first introduced me to traveling sketchbooks, this SoulSisters Book following on the pages of her Girlfriends traveling sketchbook & blog, both which led me to start the next traveling art book at Artshine! Thank you Kathy, what a joy this all has been and continues to be.


  1. Oh Lynn, this is so fantastic with the stamped bark and the quilted, 3-D leaves. Wow!!!
    I adore your work, I truly do.

    What a fun trip this has been! I have a new project idea percolating! Stay tuned to an email...;)

  2. you know how much i like autumn colours, wowswer lynn. wowser.

  3. This is great. You did a good job on it. Love those leaves.

  4. Wow what a beautiful end of this book!
    I am sure she will love it!
    I realized I did all my pages.....
    Can't believe it's over.....boehoe....

  5. I really love how you've used the stamps on this piece, Lynn. Gorgeous work! I'm watching your Artshine project!