Friday, January 8, 2010

Mandala Quilt for Lynn

I painted this mandala quilt for Lynn, Queen of Quilts!
It is for her book in the Artysoulsister's books.
On the back I just had to make a few quilted hearts.
When I think of Lynn I think of a big heart, because she has one!

I also wrote a poem by Judith L. Cox on the back, which I thought was so beautiful.

Quilt Of Colors

The quilt of colors of these fall days;
Bring ooh's and aah's and only praise;
For the master's brush wields the perfect blend;
All the hues of earth from end to end;
And all the wonders without number;
That we get to see before earth's slumber;
When the world will be caught in the hush Of winter's quiet sleep;
While mother nature does her work, and
All her secrets, she will keep;
Till spring breaks through in all it's glory;
To reveal once again the wondrous story;
Of the beauty and splendor each season brings;
To spark the song that your soul sings.

Judith L. Cox

All your pages are so beautiful Lynn, hope you will like my addition


  1. she will adore it, as i do too. fantastic art.

  2. If she doesnt I'll take it.. lol. Its lovely. She will love it to pieces.

  3. Wow...what i appreciate most is the love and thoughtfulness about me in these pages. Marianne, you KNOW how much I admire your art, your mandalas, and this one made just for me, lover of my cat, Henry V; lover of art quilt making; lover of all our art we are making in our circle of friendships here; wow, thank you from the bottom of my heart and all these arts on your pages made with me in mind. Sweet poem. Hugs from me to you.

  4. This is such a lovely idea, Marianne. I really like the way you've 'quilted' the Mandala! The poem is such a nice addition too. Wonderful pages - perfect for Lynn!

  5. visiting your blog. Good work