Friday, January 22, 2010

Marianne's front pages ala Lolo

Well I can tell you we've all been waiting for Sjimmie to show up from The Netherlands!

Bliss has been waiting by the big studio window for weeks now.

Wait!! What's that shadow behind the stained glass window? Poor kitty is cold and wet from the snow. Oh my goodness, it's Sjimmie!! He's finally here! Let's let him in and make him warm and cozy. Bliss, will you share your food? Emma, will you be nice??

After a nice meal and a little grooming, Sjimmie, Bliss and even Emma became fast friends.

I gave Sjimmie a tour of the studio and he cuddled up next to Bliss, taking in all there was to see.

He kept being distracted by my beautiful birth mandala that his mom Marianne painted for me. We all knew he missed her. The three new friends spent a wonderful few days together before we sent Sjimmie on his way to London where Jossie would see to it he gets home safe and sound.

We're going to send him first class with a special blanket in case he gets caught in more snow!

Bye-bye Sjimmie! We loved having you here! Next time bring your mom!

The back pages will be worked on today as well. I'll post them asap ;)


  1. Marianne is going to love this as much as Sjimmie did. Good job.

  2. This is just beautiful.. pure genius. Love it!!!

  3. I am smiling ear to ear, as I am sure Marianne is as well. I love her cat, Sjimmie, with his paw and arm on your cat, Bliss' back. Too precious. And the mandala and other pictures on the wall, and the shadow of the stained glass window! Wow, you are something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing art!!!

  4. OMG What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is amazing!
    I love both pages. The first so recognizable, with your studio window and the stained glass, Sjimmie looking in a little shy and than later all at ease with beautiful Bliss and lovely Emma!
    I am so happy with this! Words can not express how thrilled I was when I saw it!
    Can wait for him to come home, but I don want to deprive him of a London experience but then........
    Oh Wow.
    Thanks dear for these so very special pages and thanks Bliss and Emma for allowing him in your home!
    And YES next time we come together!

  5. this is the BEST one ever (except the maggie page, which is the most superest best of all). i simply love what you've done here.

  6. Lo, love that your studio is so recognisable with it's lovely stained glass and with peekaboo Sjimmee there!! Sjimmie is such a constant in our group too - love that! This is a great page of togetherness, animal and human, and beautifully presented in true Lolo form! Can't get over how quickly this project has gone and that it is nearly over. Just starting to get to know everyone.......