Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A page for Lisa by Caroline

So here is the last page of Lisa's book! Can't believe how fast we've been getting through this super project! I thought that Lisa would like a nature inspired picture and decided on a wild flower/plants theme. Browsing through my books for inspiration I came across one on paper cutting and whilst I haven't the patience for that craft I thought the ideas in it might translate with a bit of adaption to a lino cut, so created a 'simple' design and set to with my gouges. Some hours later this print emerged - it was quite a task - not so simple with lots of curves and zigzags and I am guilty of obliterating a cute snail with a careless slip of the gouge -aargh!! So disappointing as when printed up there was an obvious gap where he was meant to be. However, after fiddling about with various decoupaged bits and pieces, I finally opted for an origami butterfly to take his place! The design was printed with sepia coloured ink onto delicate, lacy/spiderweb-like paper which when applied over the Japanese papers allows the colours to show through . Hope you like the print Lisa!


  1. oooh yes she is gonna love it.. what beauty, and another one finished already, how quick this is flying by.

  2. Like I said on your blog, exquisite!!!
    The colors and textures are fantastic :)


  3. OMG it is gorgeous. And the "mistake" covered with the origami butterfly is precious. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work.

  4. This is beautiful. I admire your lino cut talents. And the butterfly, with it's three dimensions, adds so much. A mistake with a wonderful benefit.

  5. I too am impressed with your cutting talents...absolutely beautiful. And I agree the orgami butterfly is a delight!

    Again, I wonder outloud, are we to do another book when these are all home safely?

  6. Oh wow so different and so gorgeous. You have many talents.
    No surprise Lisa loves it!