Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mim's Last Page!

This was not easy. I can't paint/draw human beings so I had to make a collage for Mim's strong women theme. And this is my first collage.
Click to enlarge and see if you recognize any of these 9 strong women (which I grouped in a the shape of a mandala)..............
The back I copied a vintage card of a real strong woman;
Charmion (1875 - 1949), vaudeville strongwoman and trapeze artist
And a poem I found on the internet (could find the source)
Click to enlarge!
I will send Mim's pages later this week together with Lynn's and Lolo's.
hope you have some more patience.........


  1. in think this is wonderful, with some great examples of strong women, she will love this. well done to complete her book.

  2. I'm doing the last page in Soul's book so I know how you feel. Such a bit of pressure!

    This is wonderful! Mim will probably know all of these wonderful ladies ;)

  3. What a great first collage, Marianne - will you make more now, I wonder?! A nice idea to make it in the form of a Mandala too - it turned out beautifully! x

  4. I love Michelle Obama's smile; and wonder if there is a young Golda Mier there or if not where is she? LOL Wonderful group of strong women! The gal on the back is a hoot!
    So well done! Yes, lets see more collage work Mariannne! Great Job!