Monday, January 11, 2010

Lisa's Page for Marianne

I had fun touring Vincennes with the thoughts of showing Sjimmie what there is to see here.  I hope you enjoy it too Marianne.

I am off to put Marianne's book into the mail to Lolo.  Cheers Everyone.


  1. what a great idea to highlight the town for Marianne, Sjimmie and all of us.

  2. That little Sjimmie has become quite the renowned traveller! Great job Lisa! I'm sure marianne will love getting this back into her hands ;)

  3. What an exciting trip this cat has traveled. And now going home? Wow!!!! Great job Lisa.

  4. Wow Lisa!
    What a great page and I love that painted Sjimmie!! He can look like that!
    I miss him........
    You also captured that little white spot of him. Thanks for showing him (and therefor me and the others as well your lovely town!Ilove all those names which also are in Europe, this one is in france I believe.
    Thanks so much dear!

  5. Marianne, Vincennes was originally a French fur trading settlement. There is a lot of French infleunce here.