Sunday, January 24, 2010

suki makes a page for Caroline

I was a little stymied at first by the theme of "color" and "shapes" but eventually made this collage using self-painted tissue paper, purchased handmade paper, acrylic paint, stensils, faux jewel.
The back has another bit of self-painted tissue paper and a list of the materials. I will now send it to Katie Jane and then she sends to Caroline I think!! I have received books from all except Lolo.


  1. now this is the sort of art i just cannot do, and wish i could. glorious suki.

  2. Suki, you're the Queen of colors and shapes, how could you be stymied? (Although I admit I was a bit nervous doing some of the themes!)
    This is fantastic! The shimmer and glimmer and colors and textures. Wow!!

  3. I love that orange line that borders part of a page...the textures of the papers, the sparkle of gold and jewel! As always so well done! And meets the them perfectly in my eye.

  4. I love your layered look Suki.This is a good page. I have tried a layered page. I will post my try soon.

  5. Gorgeous pages with lovely structure!
    Real Suki pages!
    Love them!

  6. Suki - thank you so much!!! I enlarged the pages to get a closer look and they really are little treasures - so much texture and colour there - fab! Can't wait to have my book home.